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Andrew Lock on Walt Disney's Way

Episode Summary

The Walt Disney company is the world’s premier entertainment company, highly profitable, and much admired by Disney fans and customers all over the world. But is all started with just one man and one idea. Our guest today is Andrew Lock, the author of 9 books, the latest of which is Walt Disney’s Way. Andrew is a leading expert on Disney and a successful entrepreneur in his own right.

Episode Notes

There are many lessons out there from successful companies for the small business owner and entrepreneur. Who better than one of the most recognisable and beloved brands in the world to learn from? 

In this episode, one of the foremost experts on Disney and author of the book ‘Walt Disney’s Way’ explores the two big reasons why your business should model Disney, how to approach risk taking successfully in your practice, why innovators make more money than inventors, the reason why two out three visitors to Disney theme parks are repeat guests, the mindset required to deliver a premium experience and charge premium prices and more!


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