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Fred Reichheld on Winning On Purpose: The Unbeatable Strategy Of Loving Customers

Episode Summary

Fred Reicheld is a New York Times best selling author, business strategist, Bain fellow and creator of Net Promoter Score. Few management ideas have spread so far and so wide as the Net Promoter System. Since its introduction 20 years ago by customer loyalty guru Fred Reichheld, companies across the spectrum have adopted it – from Mercedes Benz to Apple, to Google to Amazon to Warby Parker and Peleton and Nike.

Episode Notes

In this episode, Conor talks with Fred about his book – Winning On Purpose: The Unbeatable Strategy of Loving Customers.

You’ll discover how NPS feedback from millions of customers has revealed that the previously invisible forces of love and loyalty drive business success. Fred explains why most NPS practitioners achieve just a small fraction of the system’s potential, and how leading practitioners use it as a moral compass to ensure people are treated right.

Fred reveals the difference between ‘good profits’ and ‘bad profits’ with the revolutionary Earned Growth Rate which provides the accounting twin to complement NPS, ensuring firms earn ‘good profits’ – generated when customers come back for more and bring their friends.



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