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Kevin Eastman on Why The Best Are The Best

Episode Summary

Winning the NBA Championship in 2008. Losing in the NBA Finals in 2010. Though they were completely different endings, emotionally both were amazing learning opportunities that author Kevin Eastman experienced as assistant coach of the Boston Celtics. These events, and many others from Kevin’s forty-plus years in the game, have motivated him to write Why The Best Are The Best.

Episode Notes

In this episode, Conor talks with Kevin about his book – Why The Best Are The Best.

You’ll get an up-close look at how and why the best are the way they are. In any field; sports; business; optometry. There are common principles in play. Kevin’s insights will help you see these same mindsets, habits and strategies are not just for elite athletes or the otherwise famous. We can all insert them into our lives and careers to help us become our best.

As a coach of the 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics, Kevin Eastman has lived in the world of the best while observing and studying them every day. He studies what makes the best their best – their habits, mindsets, strategies, and everyday choices.

Over his 40 years in the game of basketball at the college and professional levels, Kevin Eastman has become widely known as one of the very best teachers in the game.


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