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Kurt Mortensen on Maximum Influence

Episode Summary

Most people have a great desire to succeed but many times fall short of their goals. Kurt Mortensen teaches that professional success, personal relationships, and leadership all depend on the ability to persuade, influence, and motivate others. The key is to get others to want to do, what you want them to do, and like doing it.

Episode Notes

Kurt W. Mortensen is an international authority on charisma, negotiation, and building your social influence.  Kurt has spent over 20 years researching influence, leadership, sales, persuasive presentations, and he teaches on the university level.

Kurt is the author of Persuasion IQ, Laws of Charisma, and the best-selling book Maximum Influence.  His books have been translated into 28 languages.   He is also the host of the popular podcast Maximize Your Influence. 

On this episode Conor and Kurt talk about his book Maximum Influence and the conversation dives deep into the 12 universal laws of persuasion.

If you want to improve your practice and reach your goals, your ability to persuade, influence and motivate your target market and potential patients, your existing patients, and your staff is critical. This really is one of the most important subjects to understand and to master so that you can lead your practice and your team to success. This episode is full of takeaways that will help you and your team improve your Persuasion IQ.